Prime Meat in Brooklyn

Our Butcher Originally opening as a butcher shop, our specialty is meat. Fresh cuts of Beef, Veal, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Pork are prepared daily, as well as, seasonal specials such as Rabbit, Baby Goat and Baby Lamb. We also have a full-service counter where you may order specific cuts to your liking, have freshly ground meat or even roasts prepared. 

Here you will find traditional Italian favorites such as Spiedini and Stiglioli. 

Our homemade Sausage is one of our most popular items and we make many varieties that will entice you and your guests, including amazing sausage patties for the BBQ! The meat department is run by owner, Sal Civiletti. Sal’s knowledge and expertise in this field is truly remarkable. Speak to Sal for any of your meat needs!

sausages Meat Department

Hard To Find Cuts For The Meticulous Chef


Pork ChopsFull and Self Service

Select Cuts of USDA Black Angus Cattle
Cut to Order and Freezer Ready
Full line of Hatfield Pork
Milk Fed Veal
No Hormones no Antibiotic Veal
American Lamb

Purdue and Bell and Evans

Please Call for Orders and Deliveries at 718-331-8100

Seasonal Specialties

Rabbits, Baby Lamb and Baby Goat

Sicilian Style Specialties

Stigioli, Pork Livers with Casing,  Bay Leaf and Netting
Ready Made Spedini
Pizzaiola Sausage

Full Line of Italian Sausage:
Hot Sausage, Sweet Sausage, Cheese and Parsley,  Fennel, Veal,  Lamb, Broccoli Rabe Sausage, Cocktail Sausage

Standing Rib Roast
Lamb Crown-Pork Crown Roasts

Coming Soon…Meat Packages

Our Meat Department

Dry Aged Steaks

Steaks Cut To order

Hand Made Artisan Sausage


Pork Chops




Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed Chicken Breast